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debra is the only national non-profit dedicated to funding research and providing services and programs for those with 
Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) — The Worst Disease You've Never Heard Of.™

debra is dedicated to finding a cure for EB, which affects 1 out of every 20,000 live births in the United States. EB is a genetically based disease characterized by chronic, painful blistering. The skin and mucous membranes are so fragile that the slightest touch can cause severe blistering inside and outside the body.

Present at birth, EB affects men and women of all races and ethnic groups and sometimes, when there is no family history, it occurs as the result of a spontaneous genetic mutation. Today, there is no cure or treatment for EB
, except daily wound care and bandaging. Genetic research is making progress towards treatments and a cure.


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        Meet Joshua and Donna…

Joshua and Donna are an EB family. Joshua
is a 4-year-old boy with Recessive Dystrophic
EB (RDEB), a very severe form. Donna
spends most of her time caring for Joshua,
doing everything in her power to give him
a happy, pain-free life. 

With your support, you can help Joshua and
other children with EB who are just like him.


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